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John Heinricy
4 Professional Driver Championships

12 SCCA National Championships

3 FIA World Speed Records

2001 President’s Cup Recipient

Former GM High Performance Vehicles Director

When John Heinricy grabbed his first steering wheel at age eight, he knew he would never want to let go. For over thirty-five years, John Heinricy, “The Heinrocket™”, has developed, tested, and raced iconic cars. His name has always been synonymous with performance and quality. It should be since he’s driven in over 240 professional races, including thirty-five 24-hour races, while continuously engineering General Motor’s vehicles. Throughout the years, automotive media and car buyers alike have enthusiastically endorsed the results. Heinrocket works with skilled, multi-talented professionals. We can deliver an array of services and support solutions to satisfy the range of your needs. Heinrocket is dedicated to providing high-quality automotive solutions and pursues excellence during the development of your product or event.

John Heinricy   John Heinricy

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